moments like this

can freeze-frame time

17 September 1986
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jenn. 20. texas. singer. student. special education. theatre.
realistic optimist. christian. conservative-moderate.
music. song-writer. sweet tea. country to the bone.
prayer. faith. belief. God. jesus christ.
whatever is meant to happen will happen. passion. enthusiasm.
george strait. dierks bentley. patsy cline. reba mcentire. bonnie raitt.
never gives up hope.

I'm a simple girl from Texas. Well... I say I'm simple,
but other people may beg to differ on that fact.
I'm a double major in Special Education and Theatre
at St. Louis University. I'm heading into my junior year there.
As I continue with my studies though,
my overwhelming passion and desire to become a country singer
is starting to win the battle in my heart.
I'm a tangible songwriter and have been working at that for awhile.
I'll hopefully move to Nashville after school
and be a teacher by day, honkytonk singer by night.
I keep my dreams alive because
you never know just where they might take you.
It's a one in a million chance, but that's a risk I'm willing to take.

Every mile a memory
Every song another scene
From some old movie
Back in time to you and me
Every day a page turned down
Every night a lonesome sound
Like a freight train rolling through my dreams
Every mile a memory

-Dierks Bentley, Every Mile A Memory

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